InflectionPointMedia.com (IPM) was founded by search and digital media experts to help publishers develop incremental revenue streams that do not cannibalize existing advertising sales efforts.

Many sites have significant amounts of valuable information about their users that could be monetized off site. IPM’s goal is to help publishers deploy this data in a privacy friendly way that generates revenue for it.

IPM is not an “ad rep” firm or “ad network". We do not use any inventory on your site. We are a true non-cannibalizing, incremental revenue source. All revenue is generated off-site.


Search marketing is an excellent vehicle to reach them at that initial point of inflection. However, most significant decisions are complex and are carefully considered for often 30-90 days prior to actual purchase.

Throughout this time of contemplation, opinions about cause’s, products and services are being formed. IPM is designed to seamlessly reach key decision makers and their influencer groups while they are in the consideration cycle so to impact their final decision.


We collect, track, and organize behavior from our partners into groups of shared intent called “segments”.

We do not collect any personally identifiable information. New profiles are being added every day and are refreshed regularly.

These high quality segments have scale that give marketers the ability to put their message in front of the right person at exactly the right time whenever they appear across our distribution network.

Now for the first time, marketers have the opportunity to message to a pre-qualified audience, regardless of location, during the decision making process.

When and if we use data that originates from a partners site, the revenue we generate from the use of this data is shared with our publisher partners. If we use your data, we pay you for it.

For more information, please contact us at info@inflectionpointmedia.com.