“Inflection Point Media has been an outstanding partner. From implementation to ongoing service and support, they have been incredible! Their level of communication and professionalism has helped our relationship grow. IPM respects publishers and they understand our needs. I’m pleased to say that Inflection Point Media has delivered. I would highly recommend them”
- EVP Sales, Major Business Publisher

What we do for Publishers:

The Inflection Point Media product/model:
Inflection Point Media sells “segments”. By standardizing behavior/search from multiple sites (such as yours) into common segments of shared interest, Inflection Point Media is able to build scale against otherwise hard to reach audience groups. Inflection Point Media then retargets the individuals within these “segment” with relevant advertising when they reappear within approved sites on the Google, Yahoo and Microsoft exchanges. As a publisher you make money because we split the revenue we generate via our sales efforts with the sites that provided the data for our segments. We are not an ad network. We do not sell ads on your sites we retarget users off site with relevant advertising and pay when your data is used.



For more information, please contact us at info@inflectionpointmedia.com.