Creative Guidelines:

Inflection Point Media (IPM) requests that animations, images and dynamic events display to the end consumer in a polite manner. Creative units with aggressive animation, suggestive themes, political messages or questionable content may be subject to publisher exclusions and inventory limitations.

All ad creative is subject to IPM approval.

  1. Sizes
    Wide Skyscraper 160 600 40k 40k 2k
    Leaderboard 728 90 40k 40k 2k
    Med. Rectangle 300 250 40k 40k 2k
    * Additional sizes may be available by request.
  3. General Creative Requirements
    • Sponsor of advertising placement must be clearly displayed.
    • Branded creative required.
    • No more than 3 loops, 15 seconds max, no more than 5 seconds per loop.
    • Border required for all creative.
    • User-initiated sound events.
    • Video: Auto-play upon load (with user-initiated sound). No audio looping.
  4. Flash Requirements
    • Must have backup image
    • Creative must be “functional.” If graphic contains radio buttons, drop-downs, etc., they must function as such.
    • (see Flash Specifications section for more details).
  5. HTML Requirements
    • The total number of supporting files can not exceed 8 components per creative unit.
    • Creative may not contain more than 2 images.
    • Navigation to the landing page must be via hyperlinks. Hyperlink destinations must be http:// or https:// urls.
    • Creative Guidelines
  6. Third Party Creative
    • Third party creative must fit within the proper guidelines specified above.
    • All third party creative must be able to accept a dynamically generated click tracking url.
    • IPM requires that all third party and HTML tags be able to handle a click-tracking URL. If your third party ad server is not DART or Atlas, please include instructions on how to utilize this click-tracking functionality along with this creative.
    • Individual third party tag must be generated for each unique creative.
    • IPM accepts the following third party ad tags: 24*7 Real Media, Accipiter, AdRevolver, Atlas DMT, Doubleclick (DART), Eyeblaster, Interpolis, MediaPlex, PointRoll, Tangozebra, Viewpoint, Zedo
  7. Click Tracking Details
    • IPM requires that the entire creative be clickable to increase click through ratio and performance.
    • All creative must spawn a new window.
    • All Flash creative must contain a clickTag variable.
    • The ad server needs to track both the click and acquisition events.
  8. Flash Specifications
    • Click-through functions must use the “getURL” command:
    • On(release) { getURL (clickTag, “_blank”); }
    • When sending Flash banners to IPM, please provide the following for each banner in a unique zip file per banner:
      • .swf file
      • Default .gif or .jpg file
      • Click-through URL
    • Please make sure that your ActionScripts support https:// destination urls.
  9. Expandable Units
    • Adhere to size restrictions, above.
    • Expand Method: Automatic or by click expand method.
    • Dimensions: Can expand horizontally to a total width of 700px and vertically to a total height of 400px.
    • Close Method: A close button (both “Close” and “X”) must be visible at all times.
    • Sound: User-initiated sound events.
    • Backup Creative: a A backup .gif of .jpg for users with missing plug-ins or unsupported browsers.
  10. Creative Alterations
    • When a creative unit does not function correctly in our ad server, IPM will identify the problems needing to be corrected and contact the client with feasible solutions. When available, IPM will offer to alter the creative on behalf of the client. IPM will only run client-approved creative.

Flighting Campaigns
To ensure a smooth campaign launch, IPM establishes regular communication between IPM and the marketer including:

  • Introductory call to assign roles, responsibilities, and review business goals.
  • Setup weekly or bi-weekly call between advertiser contact and Sr. Account Strategist at IPM
  • Review campaign performance
  • Advertiser goals
  • Action plan for the next week
  • Define advertiser’s reporting needs


To learn more about how to connect business marketers with business decision makers, please contact: or 203-354-9747.